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In the book "Heaven's Zodiak On The Earth" Father Alevter Zeleevich described miracles that had been done through the mediation of Virgin Saint Mary. Here only some of them are mentioned.

  • At the age of five Father Iozophat Tyeshkevich was severely ill and further development of the illness led to the complications, he became totally blind. But when his parents brought him to the church in Budslau and consecrated him to the wonder-working icon he recovered his sight, and decided to stay in the monastery and with his service to thank Our Lord for such miraculous recovery.

  • In the childhood, Father Reginald Tyeshkevich was suffering from serious illness for more then seven years. And when all hopes were lost and everyone was thinking nothing but his dearth, his mother, the wife of judge in Polotsk, promised before the Icon of Virgin Saint Mary to give him to the Monks, the recovery came to the boy the same moment and thanks to Our Lord's mercy and power of Virgin Saint Mary he became free from the illness.
  • His Worship, Lord Adam Stahovsky lost his eyesight through illness and decided to give himself into the hands of Virgin Saint Mary and at the same moment he recovered his sight.
  • When Sir Ian Vronsky, Sir Yanush Kyshka's rotmister, was taking part in Moscow campaign, he was taken prisoner and fatally wounded by enemy forces. His friend Sir Lukash Vladovskey, prayed for him before the Icon of Virgin saint Mary, and Sir Ian Vronsky gave a promise to put a pour golden crown on the Head of our Lord if He releases him from the captivity. At the mercy of God, he was released from captivity.
  • Polina Yagalskaya, wife of Alexander Voysovich, was suffering from severe ache in her legs and was not able to walk for several years. When all hopes to cure her were lost she saw Virgin Saint Mary in her dream who asked her: "Why wouldn't you come to my Icon in Budslau? You will be cured there". being awaken she had done as was told in her dream and immediately was cured.
  • Little daughter of Sir Ian Buzynsky sank in the pond and long time had passed before she was found.There were no signs of life on her face and in her body, but when her parents with great faith and hope prayed before the Icon of Virgin Saint Mary, the miracle happened and little girl was returned to the parents alive.
  • Barbara Degynianka, servant of her Worship Yazyny Zenivich, was fatally ill and hardly managed to profess and all holly gifts to except as was gone. But when her worship was preying for three days before the Icon of Virgin saint Mary, for her servant's and with all her love and faith and devotion was asking for her. On the fourth day Barbara Degynianka revived and when was standing before the Icon felt great light and inspiration.
  • His worship Ian Volodkovich was mortally wounded and doctors lost all hopes to safe him, he gave a promise in Budslau and soon was brought to this holly place after this event the complete recovery came to him.
  • Sir Hazevich's son had been suffering from serious illness, but when his father brought him to Budslau and consecrated him to the wonder-working icon he got a miraculous recovery from the illness that touched him for many months.

  • On Sunday Anna Abramovichevna, who came from village Berlovshina, went to pick mushrooms and suddenly appeared to her Virgin Saint Mary in radiant light, She was sitting in front of the table with two candles on it. Being scared to death the girl wanted to hide when of all a sudden she heard the voice: " Why do you afraid? Come here! Why do you work on Sunday, by this you offend my Son, He gave you six days for work and the seventh day for prayer. Know, that my son is angry with you". And She touched the girl., from this touch the girl lost the ability to speak after this the unknown forces transported her from the forest to Vilensky tract. When she returned home, she was sitting silently without a single word . Mother of the girl was scared to dearth and send for doctors and sorcerers, when they came and began to tell fortunes the girl started biting then severely. After this she was keeping silence for three days and only pointing to Budslau. On the third day her parents brought the girl to the church and when she entered it and prayed before the icon of Virgin Saint Mary, the voice returned to her and she said: "Here She is! This Virgin Saint Mary appeared to me in the forest and touched me with Her hand and told me to go there". After this the ability to speak returned to the girl.
  • Constanzeya, daughter of Vilensk clerk had all hands in bad wounds and one eye was damaged but when her mother decided to bring her daughter to Budslau and prayed for her before the Icon , the recovery came to her.

  • Sir Franzisk Kozakovsky's daughter suffers from constant headaches and from this her eyes soared bitterly. When all hopes were lost her parents went to Budslau and gave a promise before the Icon of Virgin saint Mary, the same day their daughter was cured from all these illnesses that had touched her for a long time.

  • Sir Yan Godyt suffers from such violent headaches that got totally blind. And when even doctors gave up to help him and cured, he gave himself into the hands of Virgin saint Mary and recovered his sight.

  • His worship Lord Levart Ezersky gave his one year daughter, who was mortally sick into the hands of Our Lord's Mother and She soothed him with his little daughter complete recovery.
  • Sir Ometa's wife, who was out of consciousness for more then one hour, was brought to this holly place in Budslau and after this she immediately recovered.

  • Sir Sylistrovsky was severely burned by the lightning and for six weeks suffered from pain, but recovered completely when came to Budslau.

  • Elizaveta Zaborskaya, from Braslov place, was suffering from serious illness for many years but her health returned to her when she made a promise to go to the holly place in Budslau.

  • Sir Sranislav Kubeylot fell down and injured his left leg so seriously that hardly could move.But the recovery came to him when he promised to visit the holly place.
  • Sir Ian Olshevskey's son, named Adam, after dangerous illness became so weak that could not move . When all hopes for recovery were lost his parents took him and went to Budslau, prayed before the Icon for the health of their little son and he became healthy again.

  • Sir Mikolay Hodosovich suffered from serious illness and he lost all hopes to recover sighed his testament and being left along to die turned to Virgin saint Mary in tears and gave his life into her hands the same moment felt better and recovered.
  • Sir Gabriel Kurovskey suffered from severe illness and was ready to leave this world and his family when wife prayed for his health before the Icon of Virgin Saint Mary and he recovered.

  • Sir Yakub Tursky suffered from violent headache so often that sometimes because of the pain turned to madness.But when he came to Budslau and gave him to the hands of Lord's Mother he recovered.

  • On the 12 of March came Sir Vollodkevich to Budslau and thanked Our Lord for saving his son and before the crowd of people told his story : "My child was mortally ill and for 3 days was keeping silence and could not talk. When I begun morning he told me to go away as far as I was a sinner because Our Lord's Mother had been here, close to him and she said to bring him to Buidslav where he would be cured".

  • Father Kostrovsky suffered from constant pain in his legs and could not walk. He gave a promise before the Icon of Virgin saint Mary and soon the recovery came to him. After this he promised to do the pilgrimage to Budslau every year on the second of July.

  • A treasurer in Minsk became so severe ill that all doctors refused to cure him and advised his relatives to prepare for the worst, then he turned to the Icon and made a promise with deep faith and tear and in a few hours there were no traces of the illness.

  • Katarzyna Yanovskay-Peshkovskaya and her daughter were both fatally ill. But when both of then turned to Saint Mary before the holly Icon the health returned to them through God's mercy.

  • Pavlova-Strusovicheva was also severely ill but turned to Virgin Saint Mary and was cured completely.
  • His worship Sir Mikolay Pats suffered from serious illness and on his way to Budslau almost died. But when pro festo Annuntiations came he gave a promise to go to Budslau and recovered. But he did not fulfill the promise and on the stated day was not in Budslau but in Drisviat and at the same day his illness returned to him. But when he resumed the promise what had been done before the Icon thanks to God's mercy he was recovered.

  • Alexander Skypor, son of Ian Skypor, got ill and was almost on the threshold of death, but was brought to Budslau and before the holly Icon and with the help of God's great mercy was cured.

  • Sir Lev Alexander Hoynovsky, was on the dearth coach when with great hope and faith gave a promise to Virgin Saint Mary and returned health with her great help.

  • Ian Hryzosom Slysen's son was boned dead and with tears on their eyes turned the parents to Our Lord's Mother and their son revived thanks to her endless mercy.

  • Sir Andrew Trebnitskey was laying in the fever for many days and all started talking about his dearth when after a promise that he gave to Virgin Saint Mary his health returned to him.

  • Sir Laskey was seriously ill and was close to death, but when his son gave a promise to the Lord's Mother his father recovered.

Basedonthe book 'Istoriya Budslavskoi baziliki'
(The History of the Budslau Basilica)
by Fr Uladyslau Zavalniuk (Pro Chrisro 1998)

Copyright (c) 2001 - Pro Christo

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