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The Mother of God of Budslau. 17 th cent.
Village Budslau, Miadziel district
The icon of the Mother of God of Budslau. 17th cent. (Reverse)

Wonderworking Lord's Mother has been widely famous between the 17th and 18th centuries. Nowadays we can observe the revival of its cult. The Bernardin Church and Monastery have been existed in Budslau since 1589. The Icon had been there since 1613, later on it has been placed into the newly built stone church. According to the monastery chronicles the Icon was presented to Minsk Voevoda Ian Pats by the Pope Clement VII in Rome in 1598, when Voevoda admitted Catholicism. Voevoda Ian Pats highly worshipped the Icon and was taking it everywhere with him. After his death the Icon was inherited by his Chaplain, later on - by Vicary.The Wonderworking Icon was sacrificed to Church in Budslau in 1613.

For sometime the Icon was in the wooden church and it became the object of worship that is why it was replaced into the main altar in 1635.The history and miracles of Wonderworking Lord's Mother had been described by Elevter Zeleevich in the book "Heaven's Zodiac on Earth" in 1617. He also admitted that some of the miracles were written on paper and hung on the walls in the Church in Budslau, but unfortunately many of them were damaged and ruined when that Church was dismantled. The first miracle was the recovery of sign. Elevter Zeleevich described more then 42 miraculous recovery. One miracle happened to Voevoda Kishka and that pushed him to become one of many founding father of the stone church in Budslau (1633-1643). Master Peter Gramel done marvelous altar for the Holly Icon, the altar has come to our days. At that time two Bernardin Brothers Plonsky and Rosman had done the silver jewelry for the Holly Icon.

The Wonderworking Icon of Lord's Mother had been mentioned in the book of A.Kayalovich that describes the Lithuanian relicts, the book is dated by 1650. And also in some European saucers e.g. "Altas Marianus" by Gympenberg, dated by 1657 and 1672.

Prof. Reimund Petrovich had published songs dedicated to Virgin Saint Mary in Budslau in 1818-1825. The Icon was worshipped highly in the Lithuanian province of Bernarnins. In Mogilev for example, some altars were dedicated to Budslau Lord's Mother. After Bernardin's expulsion the church turned to the perish and the Icon's cult was weakened. Nowadays, Budslausky Lord's Mother is becoming the relict of Belarus, its coronation took place on the Second of July in 1998 and what is more important the pilgrim's traditions are reviving.

The Icon was pained in oil and the canvas is pulled on the wooden base, its size is 72x65 sm. In 1991-1992 the renovation of the Icon was done by V.Lukashevich, the sign on the back site of the Icon proves it. The Lord's Mother is drawn by its waist, in red clothes and white head gear. The face had right features, half of it is in shadow. On her left arm She is caring the Child, He wears white cloth and light-yellow coat. His arms are stretching to his Mother: the right hand is blessing Her and in the left hand Little Jesus carrying pomegranate, the symbol of eternal life. Beautiful face with straight features is directed to the audience.

There is a silver cover with ornaments and crown with precious stones on the Icon. The Icon is put in to the silver frame with ornaments that are done in late renaissance technique. There are also the figures of St.Kasimir and St.Yadviga on the ornament. All these jewelers belong to the best samples of jeweler art of Belarus.

There might have been a hope that the copies of Wonderworking Icon existed in the areas close to Budslau, but those icons that do exist are rather far away from the famous Bernardin Monastery. There is the icon of Budslausky Lord's Mother in the church in Grodno Region, it is dated by 1774. The scientists do not exclude the possibility that it has been copied from the original one.

Basedonthe article "Cudadziejny i starazytny" (Miraculous andAncient)
by Aliaksandr Yarashevich, Nasha viera No 16(2-2001)
Photo by M. Mielnikau.

Copyright (c) 2001 - Pro Christo

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