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The solemn moment is approaching. Cardinal Kazimir Sventeck lays Pope's Crowns on the Icon of Budslausky Lord's Mother and proclaims the conferment of the title of Mary's Sanctions to the small basilica of Budslau. That means that now You, Budslausky Lord's Mother, became the Defender of Belarus.

This event has happened. But it had been like this for a long time, because if You had not been our Patroness and Defender all these years, would we go to Your altar to Budslau at the end of July, with holly songs and prayers? Would little Veronica had enough strength to do the way in 150 km from Polotsk to Budslau? If all these years, You had not been brining calmness and hope to your touched and humiliated people would not they seek your help? People did not give up, because they believed that Your help and protection was endless. When there was no possibility to enter the church , people were preying by its walls and near by in the park and today the solemn event is helding there and we couldnot forget about those who returned their health with the help of Your salutary water, it soothed their pains and cured deep wounds.

Many years and centuries people of Belarus have been appealing to You, they seek Your protection and defend. This precious crown ,You, Budslausky Lord's Mother, merited with Your concern and care about our touched country. That is why the storm of applause came after the Pope's Crowns had been laid to the St. Icon. Sincere and frank happiness appeared in the eyes of those who had done this long pilgrimage in order to take part in this holly event.

Budslausky Lord's Mother! Our Queen! We, Your subjects, humbly bowing our heads before You and promise to be faithful to Your Son, our God and The Church. With all our hearts we give You our children and those who are sick and weak, orphans and lonely - all who need Your help, support and protection. Our Patroness! Our Queen! Please, help us! Take us under Your defense.

Humbly bowing we our heads before You and ask You, Budslau Lord's Mother, to be our Patroness. But every person that comes here on the second of July understands that the Church also needs help, that is why it has been given to Bernardin Brothers, who after a long time had returned to Budslauand, opened their monastery and organized monastic abode and with the Cardinal agreement took all concerns about the Budslau temple.

Now You are crowned! You, whom we refereed to as Our Mother, now we refer to You as to The Queen of Belarus! But Mother's heart is always the same, no matter how many titles she has got. Mother's heart loves it children : happy and sad, reach and poor, sorrowful and cheerful, loves forever. Protect and safe us, Your children. And we will always be Your children, Budslausky Lord's Mother. Let our hearts be always truly and faithfully devoted to You, our Holly Patroness and Mother.

Irena Zharnasek
Photo by A. Kliashchuk

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